Glendyne is a company whose commitment to the environment goes beyond offering a natural, environment-friendly product.


As a matter of fact, since the beginning of Glendyne's operations, the company attaches the greatest importance to the protection and preservation of Saint-Marc-du-Lac-Long's exceptional site.

The company's commitment is displayed namely through the observation of regulations concerning the quality of water. Glendyne has three sedimentation ponds for the treatment of sawing water originating from the plant to meet quality standards required by the Quebec Department of the Environment. Water samples are regularly analyzed by a certified laboratory. Glendyne continues to invest in this area and has recently expanded one of its sedimentation ponds.


Glendyne's commitment to environmental issues also includes revegetation of slopes. Since 2003, the company has implemented a shrub-planting programme in order to control soil erosion and improve the visual aspect of the landscape.


Finally, Glendyne is concerned about the health of its workers and has invested in the installation of a powerful dust collector to improve the quality of air inside the plant and to comply with effective standards. Air quality control is conducted on a regular basis.


At Glendyne, the environment is treated with respect and is an integral part of the company's fundamental values.

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Sedimentation ponds