Glendyne Inc. mainly produces roofing slate for institutional and residential buildings and for landscaping purposes.


Manufacturing processes combine tradition and expertise passed down from master quarry workers in France with high technology in order to provide a top-of-the-line natural slate product.


Glendyne applies the highest quality standards of the industry using the best management systems for production, quality, health and safety as well as environment.


Strict controls applied from the beginning to the end of the transformation process ensure clients obtain slate complying with their quality requirements.

Processing a block of slate weighing several tons into a small, fine, and consistent piece of slate only a few millimetres thick can be summarized in seven main steps.

I. Tracing

An operation unique to Glendyne!
A specially trained expert, called a marker, is responsible for analyzing the large slate plate originating from the quarry in order to extract the best part of the stone and determine the future dimensions of the slate. The marker draws the lines indicating work to be done by saw operators.

II. Primary Sawing

Using high technology equipment, plates are precision cut into strips according to the marker's indications.

III. Secondary Sawing

A second saw cuts the strips into slabs which are then sent to the splitter.

IV. Splitting

Splitters prepare piles and place them in the splitting machine. This operation requires the knowledge and mastery of a skilled splitter.

V. Rounding

Split stone is then mechanically cut with a light bevel, called a shard, according to the shape and size required.

VI. Sorting

This step enables the quarry to exceed the customers' expectations.

At Glendyne, since quality is a priority, the company has adopted "top choice". Consequently, Glendyne only delivers slate from the first selection.

Slate presented is inspected one by one by experts with a trained eye prior to being placed in crate pallets.

Slate that does not meet with Glendyne quality requirements with regard to appearance and thickness is immediately set aside to be recut into another shape until it complies with company standards.

With "top choice", Glendyne is able to offer roofing slate that is easy to use and meets expectations of the most discriminating roofers who clearly understand the profitability linked to this product.

VII. Packaging

Choice slate is placed in heavy-duty crate pallets built to withstand all shipment stages. Slate pieces are carefully packed to protect them until they are ready for final use.

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Primary Sawing
Primary Sawing