Roofing Slate

Glendyne slate is dark grey in colour with tones of blue. It adds a touch of elegance and nobility to buildings and increases their beauty and market value.

Using natural slate for roofing purposes offers numerous advantages. This material requires no special maintenance and can last over 75 years if applied according to prescribed standards.

Slate is also resistant to weather conditions, freezing, and acid rain. Slate does not fade under the sun and ultraviolet rays. It is environment-friendly and safe because it is fireproof.

Glendyne roofing slate products are known as La Canadienne and La Québécoise in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, and Luxembourg and are known as Ardoise Glendyne and North Country Slate Unfading Black in Canada and as North Country Slate Unfading Black in the United States. In the United Kingdom, they are known as Glendyne Slate and Glacier.


All Glendyne roofing slates are first selection slates. La Canadienne and Glendyne Slate are first selection "top choice" products.

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La Canadienne

La Canadienne

Certification Standards

Samples of Glendyne slates are regularly submitted to testing to comply with the highest standards required by customers.

Glendyne roofing slates meet the following national standards:

  • In North America: ASTM C406-00
  • In Belgium: ATG H768
  • In the United Kingdom: EN 12326-2

Following ASTM testing, Glendyne slates have also obtained the highest rating for durability, that is 75 years or more (S1).

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La Canadienne
Technical Support

Techniques for the application of roofing slate can differ from one country to another. Glendyne recommends reviewing the following:

  • In North America, instructions provided by the "National Roofing Contractors and Waterproofing Manual, vol. 2".
  • In Belgium, Standard 305 "Couvertures de bâtiments - Code de bonne pratique - Couverture en ardoises ".
  • In France, D.T.U. 40-11 "Travaux de couverture en ardoises" standards.
  • In the United Kingdom, Installation Guidebook " BS 5534 - 2003 Headlap table : Moderate", " BS 5534 - 2003 Headlap table : severe".

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